About Us

Artisan Pizza is a pizza which is crafted by artisans, often using products made by other artisans, in pursuit of creating the perfect pizza pie.

Here at 900 Degrees Pizza, we pride ourselves in being the best artisan pizza makers. We use only hand picked fresh ingredients in our pizza following a Neapolitan-ish pizza making philosophy. Your pizza will be cooked at precisely 900 Degrees in a classic Neapolitan wood-burning oven that was hand-crafted and delivered straight from Italy

How We Do It


Those Neapolitan’s make a great pizza, but we make a better one. We use only the freshest and best tasting ingredients to craft our version of the perfect pizza pie. From our 72 hour-specially fermented dough to our house made mozzarella, you won’t taste a better pizza anywhere else.

Wood Fired Oven

Your pizza will be cooked in a Forni Stefano Ferrara Neapolitan Brick Oven that was hand built and delivered straight from Italy. Your pizza will arrive at your table still steaming from the oven, crispy and chewy with the aroma of the freshest ingredients blended together and cooked to perfection.

Freshest Ingredients

House made pizza dough? Check. House made mozzarella? Check. Hand picked ingredients that will be blended in a masterful way to overtake your pizza senses? Check. Using only the best pizza ingredients makes the best pizza. That’s part of our philosphy.